Ritu Kamthan

ritu After more then 11 years of experience, I am still learning new things every day. I am resurrecting this blog today, so that I can share what I learning. Even if you already know that ๐Ÿ˜‰

From being an RoR evangelist, nowadays the focus has moved a bit into implementing Agile in my current organization. I try to strike a balance between the technical as well as the managerial perspective for my clients.

Nowadays I am working on “creating a fully Agile shop dream in Clarion”. Along with scaling up myself technically.



48 thoughts on “Ritu Kamthan”

  1. Good to see people work in Ruby/Rails. Where do you work in India?

  2. Hi Satish, I am in Delhi and my company vinsol.com has most of the projects in ROR. Its rare in India but yes evolving very rapidly. And i think your pune ruby group is one of the reason too.

  3. Hi Ritu,

    If i could touch base with you with regard to a Career Opportunity in Ruby on Rails.


  4. Hey Deepti,

    Contact me at ritukamthan(nospam)@gmail.com .Please delete (nospam) from it

  5. Hi Ritu !!
    Happy Diwali…
    The theme gr8ly reflects the beautiful indian culture. ๐Ÿ™‚
    c ya .

  6. Hey Sur!!!

    Happy diwali 2 u too.But as diwali and even post diwali fever is gone i must change the “beautiful” theme to something more sophisticated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Nice to see people who work on ROR in India. Looks like we could help each other out. Ill visit this site regularly from now.

  8. Hi Kartik,

    Nice to see people interested in ROR in India.Thanks for visiting. Wud like to stay in contact ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. amit arora said:

    hi ritu,

    i am amit working in new delhi but basically from gurgaon,
    i am shifting to ror for my next project so i need help from all of you ,toget my feet wet with ror.and i will be thankfull to u people ,if u can provide me the coding standards for ror.plz do response here………

  10. Peter Starks said:

    Early last week I emailed Mr. Jurya from my office in North Carolina USA to inform that we neeed additional RoR assistance in developing a handful of very interesting projects we have underway. He has not responded and I wonder it my correspondence may have gone astray. In any event, we are coming to India in April and I would very much like to discuss collaboration.
    Can you tell me how I might get in direct contact with Mr. Jurya.
    My email is above. I would be pleased to Skype Mr Jurya if I had a Skype contact of his number in Delhi. Perhaps it is someone else I should be talking with in your Organization. Can you assist please by pointing me in the right direction. I happy to work to make a connection but I can’t chase forever. We will have to turn to Pune if we cannot make contact with you.


    Peter Starks
    Managing Director,
    TTI, LLC.

  11. Hi Ritu,

    Heard that you are soon gonna change tracks from Single to ..


  12. hey Savyasachi …ya dats true

  13. Hi,

    This is meeeeeee……

    – Nitesh

  14. Himanshu Joshi said:

    hi Ritu……

    I appreciate ur efforts create such a well defined blog…..
    gr8 job……..
    The first R (Ruby) alone had nt really affected the development community……..then came the 2nd R (Rails)………and I have an idea where the 2 R’s are going to be in the near future as a technology………. and now I heard of another 3rd R (Ritu) with them………hope the 3rd R is making the same beauty around the first 2 as it sounds with em “Ruby, Rails and Ritu” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanx 4 ur efforts to the ROR community

  15. raghavendra said:

    its really amazing being on the developer edge in rails well , can you tell me what are the type of applications you working on..

    like lets take it as how can we better use rails for what ?

  16. Himanshu Joshi said:

    hi Raghavendra,

    it wasnt really clear …….. the person or the group you are really addressing…………. But you kno…..I like the way you want it “..lets take it as how can we better use rails for what …” ๐Ÿ™‚

    So lets try that way……..
    I m working with a web application with a flex-based GUI. I dont wrk with flex…….. I m only wrking with ROR for backend at present, however I ve worked with the html/ajax based front-end with RoR earlier.

    One thing ……… you kno Ritu ……i think m not taking your well defined blog in the right direction………. We mst ve shared our technological concepts in either ‘Rails’ or ‘Ruby’ ………. nt in ‘Vinsol’…….. my appologies…. if u think tht way. And may be if you ve the previlages………….cut paste the matter to the right blog section.
    Well……I would like to continue sharing the rails related in the ‘Rails’ section rather than ‘Vinsol’.

    And one more thing……… if you could define the thought behind the blog section with ur sweet name……. it might get us the right idea…… wat to discuss over here ๐Ÿ˜€ ……. tht way i can b stopped throwing the gossips around ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  17. Thanks Himanshu for such an appreciation and for actually moderating my blog. I am not getting time to track it right now but you are doing a great job. Just one point dont you think forums are a better place for discussions then someone’s blog.

    Raghavendra, I have worked for quite a number of Rails+Ajax based applications till now.All using AJAX heavily. Rails makes XML request handling so simple one tries to implement it in every possible way. But one thing we have realized in the span of development of these 4-5 applications that KISS(Keep IT Small and Simple) is the best strategy. Sometimes baffled by the charm of AJAX (as usually clients do) the application can be just too much complicated to handle.

  18. Hi Ritu,

    I am a newbie to RoR and Database design. I have been reading your
    blog for a while now & thought I might take some help from you in my
    first professional development on RoR.

    The problem is related to database design & it can be expressed as:

    1. I want to keep information for many images in my database.
    Information is just the value of an image’s brightness, contrast and
    color scheme.

    2. Through web form, I want to give user a functionality to search for
    images with high brightness & contrast but not with color. So, if a
    user selects brightness as parameter, I will show images with very
    high brightness. Whethere they will be colored or not, is a decision I
    take without any involvement from user of the website.

    3. I want to localize the fact that some parameters (brightness &
    contrast) are public i.e. should be shown as selectable option to user
    in GUI, while others are private (color).

    My question is where should I put this information at so that my form
    generator will automatically read the public parameters & show them as
    option in GUI ?

    Some of the answers I have thought are:-

    1. To keep them in a different table i.e. one for public parameter &
    one for private parameter.

    2. To have traits defined for each parameter. That would mean having
    parameters which are coloumns as rows in some other tables.

    Can you help me here on what should an ideal solution be ? I am sure
    RoR would have a built-in feature for this, but could not find out
    much on this.

    Thanks a Lot

  19. Shardul Kulkarni said:

    Hello Ritu,

    I m also a web programmer currently working on PHP .
    I want some advice from you pleas help me if possiable.I want information about ruby traning institute. you have any idea about it.basically i m stay in mumbai i m try to find out institute but i didn’t get it.

    thanks and regards
    shardul kulkarni

  20. Shardul Kulkarni said:

    hello ritu,

    waiting for your replay.

    thanks and regards
    shardul kulkarni

  21. Himanshu Joshi said:

    hi Shardul,

    You wont find any of the institute teaching this technology, as Ruby had not been so popular untill Rails came into existance, and Rails has itself been new technology to this world. You will have to go for it own your own…….. take help from e-sources.

  22. Looking for an experience developer for a project on Ruby On Rails. Get in touch with me if interested. Please make sure you are not an amature and have enough experience to elicit.

  23. Sorry… not interested…

  24. Hi ritu,
    Hi ritu .Iam working in RoR for past 1 year .Is there any openings in your company…………………

  25. Hey ritu,

    very flowerish theme !! But aint blue … look again its the Red !! ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Hi Ritu,

    This is Sandeep from pune i am also a rails developer.
    You built a very Impressive idea to make
    a greate cummunity at your blog… gr8….

  27. Happy friendship day ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Gnana Prasad said:

    Hi Ritu…

    Myself Gnana Prasad working as a software engineer in CircleSource ,Bangalore.
    I am presently working in Ruby on Rails. Nice to meet u ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Sreekanth S said:


    I am sreekanth S. Working on Roby on rails. in Circlesource. Bangalore.

  30. Hi

    This is Sreekanth S, working on ruby on rails.

  31. So howz it going on ???

  32. hi…
    there is sanjay pal from kanpur….
    nice to see u there……..

  33. one more…. Ritu…….
    My mail id is pal_sanjay012@yahoo.co.in
    presently i am also working on php

  34. Hi Ritu
    M currently working on Ruby. Is there any openings in Circle Source.Please help me.Have 8 months of experience.

  35. Hi Ritu

    Can u help me to solve the problem when pdf:writter install it create problem in registration.
    How I solve this problem


  36. Chandoo.. said:

    Hi Ritu..

    Gr8 to look more and more people coming in to ROR. My self … ? My name is K. Chandrahas Reddy, working with circlesoure software technologies (one of the leading companies for ROR in bangalore), as an ROR Developer.

  37. Varun Kumar said:

    Hi Ritu,
    I am working in ror and now i have one year exp. in rails.I explored many thing in ROR like LDAP Authentication, Web Services,Rss feed reader,Multiple database connection etc i wanna give some white paper for this.If u r interested then i can carry on with this.
    I need your help to make the notes very useful and understandable to the user.
    Thanks & regards,
    Varun Kumar

  38. Norat Saraswat said:

    Hi Ritu
    I am Norat from Pune
    I am working on Binyas information Technologies Pune
    My company is working on Ruby on Rails (RoR)
    RoR is growing Fast these days
    It is nice Framework

  39. hi ritu
    i m kamthan from irctc (Rly)
    u r from whihc place
    send me u r family details on suneel.kamthan49@rediff.com

  40. I have a Business opportunity for a ROR project kindly contact me krganapathy@gmail.com


  41. hi ritu,
    I am Tarun, owner of iZAP Web Solutions. We are the team of 10+ developers and growing steadly. We are also working on ruby. It’s really an excellent programming approach. Want to know, is it possible if same script can be used for web and desktop applications in ruby.

  42. Hi Ritu

    As i also work in ruby on rails rather i am exploring ruby on rails….I think it will be good if we keep in touch, then the problem i facing you can solve that or you i can try to solve that also…..waiting for your friendship…..i work at srijan technologies pvt ltd.

  43. Hi Ritu,i am lakshmi. am also working on ror. i want some help from u regarding develope iphoneweb applications using rails. can u guide.

  44. Hi ritu . thankq.it’s a goodarticle. did u worked on this concept.if so,could u send sample project.

  45. Hello Ritu, was wondering if you or your company could help us on a project we are developing.

    Thank you and looking forward to hering from you.


  46. Hi,

    I discovered that you have been associated with Ruby on Rails since last 5 years.And you started your impressive career with VInsol.

    I am learning Ruby on Rails since last 3 months in an startup and enjoying it :). I have applied in Vinsol and looking forward to start my Rails career with it.

    Please tell me how good is Vinsol for a fresher like me, and what are the growth prospects. Also, please tell me some good companies/startups to start RoR career with.

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