Just today have seen some buzz around websockets of HTML 5. After exploring a little, I thought this is sharable so here it is in a small description.

So websockets is a two way communications channel that operates over a single socket and is exposed via a JavaScript interface. So unlike Ajax, which needs 2 bi-directional streams on up-stream and one down-stream it serves over just one stream. And this is the latest additions to web 2.0 apps via HTML 5 implementations. The server can then “push” information through the WebSocket, directly to the browser, without the browser having to go out and request it.

So you ll wonder as HTML 5 is just supported by few browsers and very few versions, then how feasible is it to use. Well… for that There are several Websocket servers available that provides JavaScript library that can support almost any browser of any version.

For example : Kaazing supports all major browsers (Firefox version 1.5 and higher, Internet Explorer version 5.5 and higher, Safari version 3.0 and higher, Opera version 9.5 and higher, and Google Chrome version 0.2 and higher).

Where as Pusherapp (widely used by ruby community) doesnt provide support for all browser but provide a flash based fallback solutions for remaining browsers.

Later might come more as I explore more. Or you guys explore before me and update me also 😉 But that sure worth a shot.