In my family its normal to have cough and cold. Usually one or the other member of my family is always suffering from flu most of the time specially because of the Pollen Allergy so natural in Pune. So when doctor told my husband Nitesh to go for a H1N1 test, I was not worried at all. Coz we haven’t got in contact with anyone having it or not even traveled abroad as such. And I thought it is now controlled in Pune.

Whatever, but next day, Nov 23 I was proved wrong by a phone call from my husband that his test came positive. That moment I understood the hindi phrase “Pairon ke neeche se dharti nikal gayi” (ground slipped away under my feet)… To tell you frankly I was scared as hell but when I saw the attitude of doctors at RubyHall Clinic at Pune. It seems to me like this is usual normal case for them…they gave Nitesh Fluver(Indian version of Tamiflu) and sent us back to home with an advise of incubation of a week.

Hmm…. I locked my husband in a room so that my son doesn’t contact him. But we thought son already has got it as he also had cough n cold from several days. We got him tested…to our surprise and relief  he was negative.

The same day I got fever and cough and cold. Oh…hell…now I got myself tested and hoped as my son is negative I should also be negative….Which I was not :(((

Now the dilemma… we both are positive and Son is not and nobody is there to take care of him. To our rescue my Mother-in-law came to Pune, we sent our son to one of my cousin’s place and prayed that he remains ok. Those were not at all good days for me…as I didnt have my baby with me….I could not go out….and I dont feel like ill… so getting bored…

In all, my experience was not bad apart from the scary feeling. It was just like normal flu if detected at right time. So I will suggest everyone to be calm and keep following the suggestions by doctors.

I know this post has gone long but you see I am telling the story of a whole week…So excuse me if you got bored of reading it 😛