Recently we did the setup for Continuos Integration for our apps at Sapnasolutions. As you might know Continuos Integration is one of the major practices of XP. We were evaluating some of the CI tools like CruiseControl and Integrity and Hudson. Though I still have not tried Hudson which everybody is recommending, our purpose has been served well by Integrity + report card combo.

mmm… actually in theory I liked CC better then integrity as CC has out of the box support for metric_fu. But for Integrity one have to setup the report_card site. Also as far as I got the benefit of Integrity is just that in it you can identify which commit exaclty has broken the build as it runs build on each commit whereas CC works on push. But the Integrity+Report card takes much time as compared to CC to setup.

For us CC coudnt become an option as on our server where we have Ruby Enterprise Edition whose default path is different then normal ruby CC is not able to pick the already installed gems. So when I try to run metric_fu rake task metrics:all it does not identify any of the required gems(rcov reek roodi flay flog)…Though the task run fine in the repo on server…

Anyways will keep you updated on any other tool (specially Hudson if we can have java on server) I try…Till then let Sapnasolutions build their dreamz in Integrity 🙂