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It was a great transition  from the crouching heat of Delhi to pleasant rains of Pune. But it brought cold to my son and hubby :(. So the week was quit hectic for the whole family. With Hriday trying to get settled in his Day-Care, Nitesh trying to indulge more into his son’s activities and me trying to create a balance between home and new office.

But in last the experience is good. The people at Sapnasolutions are nice, understanding, fun loving & enthusuastic. though I still have to have more interaction with everyone. Here  I had selected to give try to the most difficult task of my life. Its about which existing socialnetworking open source of Rails can we use for our new quite big project. And I ended up with trying to merge Community Engine and Spree.

You think I am insane. mmmmm I dunno but I thought it could be a great achievement if I can do it. Its difficult and blowing up my mind though its been just a day since I m trying on it. Lemme try it for some more time then probably you can call me Insane for sure 🙂