This is the second last day of mine at Vinsol. And right now I am trying to write a post defining that I am leaving Vinsol tomorrow and going to join another promising startup SapnaSolutions at Pune very soon. 


I spent more then 4 years in Vinsol. The time here was good, filled with different kind of experiences.  I am looking forward to a great experience at SapnaSol as well. SapnaSolutions is also devoted to RoR development and also deals in mobile app. Lets see if I can also get some exposure of Mobile app there.  

While I am switching I have decided to set some goals for me.

  • I will try to post more techy code stuffed posts of my daily encounters which I sometimes try to escape from sometime.
  • Learn 4-Wheeler Driving and own a Driving License.
  • I would work in refining my skills as the Product Owner/Project Manager.
  • I always wanted to develop a product of my own I have several ideas in mind. By next year I ll have to decide which could be the most feasible and promising idea and work over it . Also have to work on finding finances.

    I hope in next year I will be writing some posts updating everyone on these points. Keep in touch…