Well I am reading a book on XP (Extreme Programming)currently and by almost every page its quoting the best amongst the good programming practices. The great part about XP is that though it is named as XP, if we apply the same practices in general life it can make our sailing smooth. I will be quoting some of them here time by time.

So today’s quotes are:

“XP is about the process of becoming more of our best selves and in the process our best as developers.”

“Good relationships lead to good business.”

“Leave yourself exposed and prepare for success. Dont scare.”

“People aren’t computers.”


“Its not my job to manage someone else’s expectation. Its’s there job to match there expectation. It’s my job to do my best and to communicate clearly.”

“XP is fully appreciating yourself for total effort today and striving to do better tomorrow.”

What I learnt today:
There are values which programmer thinks are good for program/team/company/himself. And there are practices which make them apply these values. These both are complimentary. Good practice enhance the role of value and good values escalates the adoption through practice. Together they become principles.