Sorry I am posting my last entry a bit late but by the time I finished, the wireless was not there. So here are the last few highlights of Ruby Funday.

Hmmmm… we had a good time at funday but after lunch and free T-shirts most of the people went away. 😦

Anyways I was talking about Gogo’s session on “Air on Rails”. He created a flex application having backend in rails, little lesser than Yammer desktop app in about one hour. Wanna go into details… better if you read his own explanations .

Later on we had a session on Sphinx by Rishav where he compared the 2 sphinx based plugin; UltraSphinx and ThinkingSphinx. Sphinx is the fastest available full text search engine.

Conclusion took place with Akhil’s presentation on UltraSphinx…

Well not actual conclusion…

The fun day had a lot more fun to take place before conclusion. Which involved a ultimate music session by Sur and Hemu. A tremendous Jamming where every contributed…