Sur’s PURE CODE PRESENTATION went very well. Had a lot of discussion on Ruby not needing the Type Casting which leads to a lil bit doubt coming up in JAVA guys interested in Ruby.

Afterwards we had a real good session by Aditya from Impetus. Aditya talked about the new product they are gonna launch very soon. Its a deployment tool written in C+Ruby Combo. The good news about it is its Open Source which increases its scope widely for future.

In his talks Aditya point out some main features of his deployment product. Which he is calling “ATLAS” right now and is in pre alpha version. Some main aspects they have focussed upon while developing are as follows:

  • Runs Rails and Rack compliant applications.
  • Multiple web application support.
  • Intelligent load balancer.
  • and many more to list…

The presentation that followed Aditya’s was Sid from Vinsol. He presented on Internationalization in Rails 2.0. Which was pretty state forward and funny when you see the English got converted in Hindi statements. He compared the Internationalization in Rails prior to 2.2 with Gibberish plugin and the new Rails i18gem implementation. The i18 implementation makes it pretty simple to implement. It has the built-in Active Record error message internationalization suport which was missing in previous release of Gibberish. So thats another cool feature of Rails 2.2

Talking about Rails 2.2. Its officially out just few hours back. Check out http://explore.twitter.com/d2h/status/1017059364.

I am back after Lunch now. And Gaurav is Presenting on ‘Air on Rails’. Check out next post for that.

I ‘ll be back again. 🙂