Oh it could be so hectic to manage 2 men at the same time… I have been so busy due to both of them thatI was not able to post anything for such a long time. They consumed most of my time and i do not get anytime for myself at all…

The amazing part is they both know about each other and both are fine with my two-timing. Only that they both are doing awkward things most of the time to grab my attention from another…

In fact, one of them (who also happens to be my hubby too) is very considerate and understands that I am very busy so helps me in day to day work. But the other one is real devil. He doesnt want to share me with anyone … This other one is naughty but most lovable man i have ever meet. He is my son, Hriday aka Harry aka Kitu.

Hriday's pic


Oh yes i have been proud mother of 5 months old Hriday(means Heart). Firstly the pregnancy harmones then my son, were the main reason behind my absence from blog. But I think I will be back with these post today and will try to keep my train run fast and smooth on Rails.