When i started on rails, the punch line that hit me in first chapter of "Agile Programming with Rails" was Rails is Agile. Day before yesterday i read a book "Practices of an Agile Developer" (Thanks to my boss who provide me these books) to understand this whole agility thing that ROR(Ruby on Rails) users boast about.And mind you i found that they do never boast at all.

I think its a good book and every programmer of this age should read this book.For all those who couldn't grab a copy of this book in my next post i ll point out some important practices for programmers described in this book.You must be thinking i promised to deviate from the main topic only sometimes and here in my first ever relative post i am moving my focus away from Rails to this agility thing.Actually i am not moving away at all.Rails and agility goo together.And one can never understand the beauty of Rails unless they know the importance and fun of using agile programming practices.So decided…

I'll write about Agile web programming in my next topic.

OK i know some of you (and most of my friends who are forced to read this blog) must be thinking What s this blog actually about? What's this Rails thing?Well people chill have some patience. I 'll talk about Ruby and Rails after few posts.Till then plz let me prepare stuff for my incoming posts in peace and read this blog regularly. You'll definitely find something interesting for yourself sometimes even if you didn't find the blog title attracting your concerns. Thanks