I was thinking to start blogging from a long time.But as i m quite a lazy person i could not implement this idea of mine previously.

Now finally i boost myself up and decided to get this blog on.My first problem regarding blogging was "What should i write on?" Most people say u can write on almost anything in blogs like What happened today? Alas! i m not any Daily Dairy Maintainer kinda person who knows how to write I had bread and butter in breakfast interestingly.So this was the big question before me.

After much thoughts an suggestions from my colleagues i decided to start blogging with Ruby On Rails  [rails is a web programming platform designed in Ruby language].May be some of you know its the hottest topic among web developer across the world these days and i opt for the hottest thing ;).I also decided to deviate from the main topic in regular intervals as i fell bored talking continuously on one topic(actually this is a lame excuse Rails can never be boring).

The second problem now was that i felt i m too late to share my experiences on rails learning.I took on Rails learning in Jan n think that was the best time to share experiences with anyone when i was trying to meowing with rails not wen i m trying to roar with rails 🙂

So as on now in this blog i ll try to write the helping articles to roar with rails and web2.0.Apart form it due to my variable mind time by time i ll roam away from the main topic i.e. Ruby on Rails